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british open 2022
british open 2022


The 12th Cup of Europe (44th British Open) Results

1st October, 2022 was held the 12th Cup of Europe and the 44th British Open.

The 12th Cup of Europe (44th British Open) Results

Mens -70kg
1 Callum Chapman – BKK Crawley
2 Dave Kientz – IFK Netherlands
3 Simon Zurfluh – IFK Switzerland
3 Kamil M Mrozinski – IKF Bournemouth

Mens -80kg
1 Tamas Retfalvi – WKO Hungary
2 Juan Carlos Auge Ros – WKB Spain
3 Jonathan Gonzalez – IFK Costa Rica
3 Milan Moczo – WKO Hungary

Mens 80+kg
1 Emanuel Lebo – Kyokushinkan Austria
2 Julius Urbonas – WKO Lithuania – Shodan
3 Lukas Prem – Kyokushinkan Austria
3 Ole Hermansen – KWF Norway

Womens -60kg
1 Valence Bickel – KWF Netherlands
2 Hayley Rowlands – BKK Cardiff
3 Indy Kooijman – IFK Netherlands
3 Catalina Rivera – KWF Costa Rica

Womens 60+kg
1 Emma Markwell – BKK Westcroft
2 Agnes Westrin – IFK Sweden
3 Brigita Gustaityte – WKO Lithuania – Budora
3 Mette-Marie Nielsen – IFK Sweden

Special Prizes
Most Spirited Fighter – Dave Kientz – IFK Netherlands
Fastest Knockout – Simon Zurfluh – IFK Switzerland
Best British Fighter – Callum Chapman – BKK Crawley

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