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Shihan Ramil Gabbasov about the KWUCAMP 2018

The member of the Executive Committee of the Kyokushin Word Union (KWU)

and Executive Director of the RSBI, Shihan Ramil Gabbasov, shares opinion about how the 12th International KWU summer camp is being held.

“1400 sportsmen from 30 countries take part in the camp, including world champions in absolute category and in different weight categories. Thus it can be argued that Kamchia is a place of attraction for Martial Artists from all over the world.


Training takes place not only in Kyokushin, but also in Thai boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and there is also an unofficial sports program with – soccer, volleyball and many others activities.

The secret of the success of any athlete who wants to achieve good results lies in the small, precise things of painstaking work on oneself. The same goes for mentors who do not have the right to stop in development and should always serve as an example for their students. And so it is very valuable that in such gatherings take part, as well-deserved masters, mentors, and beginners, thanks to which there is an exchange of knowledge, which is beneficial to all without exception. And in this case, the activities involved also representatives of many countries that only enriches the dialogue.”

We thank for the good words! Osu!

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