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Absolute World Youth champion Valeria Lozanova received a Black belt

The athlete from the National team of the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation Valeria Lozanova received a black belt. She earned her 1st Dan after the fantastic performance of the KWU World Youth Cup, where she triumphed with a gold medal in the absolute open category.

“I did not expect to receive my 1st Dan. I was extremely pleasantly surprised – Lozanova commented especially for Boec.BG – I have been preparing for it for a long time, but I did not expect to receive it after the KWU World Youth Cup in Kamchia. I signed up for the tournament at the last minute, but now I’m very happy that I participated, I won, and I already have a black belt.”

Lozanova received the black belt at the official closing ceremony of the XIV KWU International Summer Kyokushin Camp 2020 in Kamchia. It was presented to her together with a certificate of the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation by Shihan Ivo Kamenov (6th dan) – Chairman of the KWU International Professional League and Chairman of Bulgaria’s National martial arts association.

As part of the 14th KWU International Summer Camp was held the KWU Youth World Cup (18-21 y.o.), (RESULTS) which is the successor of the International Varna Cup, held since 2017. The first international tournament Varna Cup was held in 2017 and was a success. Due to the great interest and increasing number of participating countries, in 2019 the format changed to the World Cup for young karate talents.

KWU World Youth Cup (18-21 y.o.) was held in openweight category for males and females. Each winner received a medal, a cup, a diploma, and a financial award. Male division with 20 participants: 1st place 3000 euros, 2nd place 2000 euros and 2 third places 1000 euros each; Respectively for Female division with 11 participants: 1st place 2000 euros,2nd place 1500 euros and 2 third places 1000 euros each.

After contested and interesting bouts – 4 bouts to the final in the male division and 3 battles to the final in women division, the winners are Yuriy Rusin (Ukraine) and Valeriya Lozanova (Bulgaria).


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