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Message from Shihan Antonio Pereira (6.dan) KWF responsible for South America

Proud of my story *

An endless number of experiences, challenges, emotions, friendships, some disagreements too, always founded on this limitless will to live and leave nothing to do. Looking back at the path taken, I would then define my story.

I am the result of everyone who came across my path at some point.

Those who made me matter in the first place, those who hated me, but above all those who loved me. And in this segment, I consider myself a lucky man for all and so much love that I spread and received around the world.

Countless places. So many people, so much culture, different so different.

A privilege, yes, I feel privileged. Especially in not having listened, as a young teenager to the advice of those who knew little and had less to give. It would have been one more, just like the others.

I always thought in my head, it almost always worked, some less. But it is the defeats that make us grow, to know what strain we really are made of. That is the richness of defeat, they have always been used as a springboard for new victories.

To everyone who surrounded me at some point, not even for a few minutes as so often happened, I thank you. I thank you for contributing to this accumulation of experiences, resulting in knowledge.

A huge, endless thank you to those who didn’t always come with good intentions but helped me to grow too. Oh, how I would have loved to have this wisdom at 20 years old. I would have done everything with the same determination, only better, no doubt.

Without remorse or any kind of regret, on the contrary, a limitless pride in my history. From the story of my life, the movement that it generated, generates, and will continue to generate until the energy fails.

I guarantee I am just the sum of my experiences, hands outstretched, hearts that waited and others that still wait, I am the one who loved me.

I am the ones I loved.
“Until the last breath, until the end of the path”

António Fernando Pereira
Mindelo, 07.12.2020
*A life in motion.

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