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8 LIFE LESSONS Muhammad Ali

is considered one of the greatest boxers in history. In 1999 he was named “Sportsman of the Century”. Several lessons from this talented and great person who achieved the greatest success:

1. “I hated every minute of training, but I said to myself: Do not give up. Hold on a bit now and live the rest of life as a champion. “ Nothing in this life comes easily. To achieve goals it is necessary to make certain sacrifices – to spend energy, time, limit yourself to anything. Sometimes there are moments when you want to quit and give up the dream. At such moments, remember how much you will get if you go on and how much to lose if surrender. Price of Success usually is less than the cost of failure.

2. “A person who is 50 years and experiences the world as well as in 20, has 30 years wasted life.” If you meet a friend who has not seen you a year and he tells you that you have changed, thank him. This is the best praise. Every day you get a new experience, new knowledge, learn from your mistakes, develop and cultivating, so you cannot remain the same. The main thing is-while changing, do not betray yourself.

3. “The battle is won or lost far away from witnesses – outside the ring, in the gym, where nobody sees you, long before you fight under the lights.” The dream is not done in an instant. Your every action, your every habit determines how quickly you reach it, and you will reach it at all.

4. “Champions are not in gyms. Champion is generated by what he has inside – desires, dreams and goals. “ How big is your desire to succeed? Do you go to sleep with it every night and wake up with it every morning? In order to achieve your dreams, you have to strive for it every second and not for a moment doubt the success.

5. “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” The bird, which does not use its wings, will not fly far. Our wings – it’s our imagination, and those who do not use it, are always in the same place. Dream and fantasize, it is the only way you will be able to freely float on the boundless world of possibilities.

6. “The goals – that’s what keeps me going.” Moving towards the goal, you should clearly understand it. What happens when you reach it? How has your life changed? Always visualize in your head what you seek. Awareness of reward waiting for you ahead motivates you in the most difficult moments.

7. “Fluttering like a butterfly, sting like a bee- Nobody wins Muhammad Ali “. Are you confident of victory? If not, you should not engage in the battle. Win only those who believe in themselves and in their abilities. Day by day, repeat to yourself that you will achieve what is planned.

8. “It is impossible – it’s just a big word for little people who are hiding. It is easier to live in a normal world, than to find the strength to change something. Impossible – it is not a fact. It’s just an opinion. Impossible – it is not a sentence. It’s a challenge. Impossible – it is a chance to prove yourself. You cannot – it’s not forever. The Impossible is possible.” People themselves are driving themselves into the framework of underestimating their capabilities. Do not be afraid to take risks, to go beyond your comfort and you’ll see that your possibilities are endless.

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