20 years in 1 – Back to the Karate World Tournament

The documentary “20 years in 1 – Back to the Karate World Tournament”, tells the trajectory of the former Brazilian Karate athlete Luciano Basile, who during the 1990s became one of the exponents in the most important Brazilian and international tatamis at that time, winning titles in Brazil, USA and Japan.

In the last one, where Karate came about, Basile was one of the first foreigners to be among the top four placed in a Japanese national championship. The athlete ended his sports career at his peak at 25 years old, but two decades after his last competition in 2000, the current Karate teacher has challenged himself to participate in the World Karate Tournament, with only one year to get ready. The documentary shows the challenging 12 months of physical and technical preparation and the breathtaking competition day, with Kazakhstan as the stage for his return. For Basile it will not only be a year of exhaustive training, but a spiritual journey that can propel him to victory through the Budo’s spirit of the martial arts.