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Kyokushin WORLD Federation Facebook page publish their report from KWUCAMP 2017

kwf summer

On 2-9 July 2017 the biggest in the World, International Kyokushin Summer Camp was held. Continue reading “KWUCAMP: Reports from KWF and INTERNATIONAL KYOKUSHIN SUMMER CAMP VARNA 2017”

KWUCAMP: Varna cup 2017 – Special prize winners

Usual we publish first the results, but

this time we want to show special prize winners from VARNA CUP 2017 first…

All prize-winners received great cups, but also gifts: from Bulgarian telecommunication company M-tel, smart phones, from Bulgarian fight media Boec.bg, special t-shirts. And the special awards winners got besides phones and one iPad.

It was also a pleasant surprise that all the fighters received a beautiful plaque to remember as a participant. So each one of young people received a reward for hard training and showing us that Kyokushin’s spirit is alive. Continue reading “KWUCAMP: Varna cup 2017 – Special prize winners”

KWUCAMP: Thursday training sessions with great Shihans

On Thursday training sessions we had the pleasure to have high class instructors

Thursday training sessions

Shihan Andre Drewniak again shared with us his an invaluable long experience as teacher and karateka. Shihan is a great proof that Kyokushin karate is for everyone, regardless of age. Big Osu!  Continue reading “KWUCAMP: Thursday training sessions with great Shihans”

KWUCAMP: Start of the training process

The first training session

started with everyone and a warm up led by Shihan Andre Drevniak and Shihan David Pickthall.

After that the karatekas was separated by age and skills. Тhe youngest karatekas up to 10 years old have their own training field where instructors can unleash karate techniques with fun and games. Continue reading “KWUCAMP: Start of the training process”