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SENSHI offers online training with K-1 legend Semmy Schilt

Kickboxing legend Semmy Shilt will once again enter your homes and give you some valuable lessons. The elite fighting organization SENSHI gives you the opportunity to train with the four-time World Heavyweight Champion in K-1. This will happen this Saturday 25-th April, at 6:00 p.m. Bulgarian time (EET)/ 5:00 p.m. (CET).

Anyone who wants to get involved in the practice should download the StarLeaf app  in advance for the video training and register for free at the following link: Continue reading “SENSHI offers online training with K-1 legend Semmy Schilt”

The dutch legend Semmy Schilt will host a special kickboxing masterclass organised by SENSHI

The exclusive training that can be done by everyone at home will be broadcasted online.

On April 11 (Saturday) at 12 p.m. Semmy Schilt will perform a special “Kickboxing masterclass by Semmy Schilt” for SENSHI! To get access, use the application StarLeaf (https://www.starleaf.com/) and the following code: 7262762

ONLY the first 100 ones who manage to register will get access! You all know that Semmy Schilt is one of the most successful K-1 kickboxers and fighters. He is also an instructor at the KWU International professional league seminars and a referee at SENSHI.
Join us and enjoy it!

Kickboxing legends honored at SENSHI 5

The fifth edition of the SENSHI fight nights will be remembered not only with 9 amazing fights but also with the special awards that were handed to one of the biggest K-1 legends of all time.

Three of the most notorious K-1 champions received a special award for contribution to the development of martial arts. Continue reading “Kickboxing legends honored at SENSHI 5”

Back to the roots: KWU International Professional League (Part 2)

In 2019 SENSHI fight nights showcased a completely “new” KWU International Professional League rules. The battles are full contact with head strikes, allowing even throws and elbow strikes.

With the first SENSHI gala, the organizers presented this idea. There was one fight under these rules, but the second edition of SENSHI presented four full contact clashes.

At the beginning of July, the XIII International KWU Summer Camp was held in Kamchia, with a record number of 1618 participants and trainers from 28 countries. The rules of the KWU International Professional League were presented to karatekas. A technical seminar, a refereeing seminar, karate training, and special training seminars were held with Semmy Schilt and Peter Aerts. Some of the most successful fighters of the K-1 era and Schilt is a karate specialist, too. Continue reading “Back to the roots: KWU International Professional League (Part 2)”

VIP guests of SENSHI with a seminar on KWU International Professional League

World stars in martial arts arrive in Bulgaria for the fifth edition of SENSHI. The much-anticipated fight show is scheduled for February 22 at the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna. 

The honorary guests include three Dutch kickboxing legends – four-time K-1 champions Ernesto Hoost and Semmy Schilt, as well as three-time K-1 champion Peter Aerts. Continue reading “VIP guests of SENSHI with a seminar on KWU International Professional League”