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Shihan Cameron Quinn Seminar. Report from Norway

The very famous Shihan from Australia, Cameron Quinn (6th dan),

has recently visited Norway for the first time and held 4 seminars across the country.

Shihan Cameron Quinn

Shihan Quinn is the author of the highly regarding text – “The Budo Karate of Mas Oyama”, and was was Sosai’s personal translator for over 17 years. Continue reading “Shihan Cameron Quinn Seminar. Report from Norway”

Technical seminar with Shihan Antonio Pinero in Norway

From 21st to 23rd April 2017 the Norwegian Kyokushin Karate Org (NKKO)

hosted their annual technical seminar for brown and black belts in Norway.

Technical seminar

This year the President of EKF, Shihan Antonio Pinero was the main instructor together with Sensei Tom Soelve Erga, Sensei Geir Havreberg and Sensei Jarle Sundvoer from the NKKO technical committee. Continue reading “Technical seminar with Shihan Antonio Pinero in Norway”

KWF Norway’s Summer Camp 2017 – INVITATION

We have the pleasure to invite you to KWF summer camp in Egersund

June 23rd (Friday ) to 26th (Monday ) 2017

karate training

We will have great time and enjoy karate training in lovely surroundings and with top class instructors.

Also this year we have the pleasure of having Shihan Antonio Pinero with 8. Dan from Spain with us. He is our president in Europe and we are are glad to have him with us. He has great experience with summer camps and training seminars in Europe. Continue reading “KWF Norway’s Summer Camp 2017 – INVITATION”


The Norwegian summer camp was arranged at Egersund on the south/west coast of Norway

from June 24th to June 27th.norwegian

The camp was a great success with 95 participants.

As usual our guest instructor was Shihan Antonio Pinero from Spain. Shihan Lars Hogquist was responsible for the technical part of the camp. 7 candidates made a new dan degree. With San dan as the highest this time. The feedback was very good from the participants.

The atmosphere was excellent and a lot of smiles were seen during the entire camp and many new techniques were taught to everyone. The children really enjoyed the training too.

And the food was excellent. KWF members seldom gain weight at a camp but this time I am not so sure! Continue reading “NORWEGIAN KWF SUMMER CAMP 2016”