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KWF Norway Summer Camp

The KWF summer camp was arranged in Oslo, the capital of Norway from June 27th to June 30th.

The camp was a really great success. The weather was warm with nearly 30 degrees.

kwf norway

120 participants attended the camp. That means close to 1/ 4 of the members joined us. That result we are proud to reach.
We are also teaching children at the camp and 7 parents joined the beautiful surroundings at the camp. Shihan Lars Hogquist, 7 dan, was leading the camp. The guest instructors were:

· Shihan Loek Hollander- 10 dan and the legend from Sosai Oyama’s time
· Shihan Fernando Perez – 6 dan from Spain
· Shihan Paul Lorist – now 6 dan from Holland
· Shihan Brandon Denito – 5 dan and our CR in Sweden
· Shihan Tommy Edvardsen – 5 dan President I KWF Norway.

Also, many Norwegian instructors took part to make this camp the best one we ever have done in Norway. All instructors were smiling and enjoying all the karate training. That eases up the tension and our participants learn much more. All aspect of true Kyokushin karate was taught. The first session in the morning was the technical syllabus training. The second was kata. Where we introduced the new changes that are in the KWF katas. The third session was kumite. The fourth session was more easy training with ground fights. Self-defense included Dim Mak techniques. And also Dim Mak for kumite. If you can hit on the right spot the effect is fantastic. Dan grading was hard and fair. The candidates were all very well prepared. This through a Technical seminar in the winter and Dan seminar in April and 5 special sessions at the camp.

We are looking forward to next year’s KWF Norway camp. Hopefully in Oslo. I wish you all a nice summer. And join us next year.

Shihan Lars Hogquist

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