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The House of Champions

What is a Champion?

A Champion is someone who triumphs in a habitual manner against other opponents in a fight, a championship, or against his or her own self. However, according to competition, a Champion may be an individual or a team.

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The House of Champions… An inspiring Story

My name is Nathalie Jiménez, I am 27 years old.

I have been practicing Karate for 7 years, and have been a part of Kyokushinkai Costa Rica for the last 3 years.

In August of last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This has been without a doubt the most unexpected and shocking news I have ever had. I have lived through very difficult moments and sometimes very painful ones. I feel my last few years have definitely prepared me for this fight. Continue reading “The House of Champions… An inspiring Story”

Championship of America 2018 (videos)

Championship of America 2018

organized by KWF Kyokushinkai Costa Rica was held in San José, Costa Rica June 23rd

Championship of America 2018

Participant Countries: Costa Rica, Canada, USA, México, Panamá, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile.

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