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Martial arts diet – eat like Bruce Lee and Shaolin monks

We all have heard of the popular phrase “You are what you eat” which implies that what we choose to consume, our diet and nutrition, plays a great influence in shaping who we are – physically and mentally. This is especially so when it comes to the diets of martial artists. Continue reading “Martial arts diet – eat like Bruce Lee and Shaolin monks”

Katana Tricks and Stupid Japanese Sword Injuries

Do not allow anyone to swing a sharp sword at you. You’d think that would be common sense—like “Don’t walk in front of a speeding bus.” Apparently, though, while people walking directly and deliberately in front of oncoming traffic is blessedly rare, it’s fairly easy to see videos of people in a dojo or a demo standing or sitting while some “master” swings a sharp sword at them. Sometimes, they’re prostrate, with watermelon or some other fruit on their exposed belly, allowing Master Bozo to hack it to pieces. Continue reading “Katana Tricks and Stupid Japanese Sword Injuries”