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IFK Armenia organize Fighting Marathon and Seminar

Dear all,

IFK Armenia would like to invite your sportsmen to take part in the Fighting Marathon and Seminar, which will be held by Shihan David Pickthall in Yerevan and is open to all organizations` sportsmen above 14 years in Kumite.

The Fighting Marathon will take place under Kyokushin rules and will be held at one of the best Sports Complex of Yerevan, on 11 May, 2020. Continue reading “IFK Armenia organize Fighting Marathon and Seminar”

Yerevan Cup 2019

On December 22, Yerevan Cup was held with the participation of sportsmen of different age groups in kata and kumite.

Representatives of the younger generation of the Kyokushin karate federation of Armenia performed admirably, demonstrating the technical skills and knowledge learned through the great dedication of their trainers.

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Caucasus Championship of Kyokushin karate in Tbilisi

On November 10, Armenia’s Kyokushin Karate team,

led by its founder-president Andranik Hakobyan, participated in the 18th annual Caucasus Championship in Tbilisi, with teams from Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan participating.

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IFK Armenian Championship 2019

On October 20, at “Mika” Stadium, IFK Kyokushin Karate Federation of Armenia

held the annual ”Armenian Championship” among children and youth.

The young sportsmen will be given an opportunity to represent Armenia in the Caucasus Championship which will take place on November 9-10 in Tbilisi. Continue reading “IFK Armenian Championship 2019”