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360° camera and Kumite Technology for IFK Euro 2018

On April 7 and 8, the European Championship of Kyokushin Karate will be held in Yerevan

360° camera Kumite Technology

By the efforts of the Kyokushin Karate Federation of Armenia to highlight this event will be used the latest technical equipment. Viewers will be given an exceptional opportunity to watch fights from different angles in online mode.

Upon the invitation of the Federation, foreign specialists will arrive in Armenia, they will bring a special program “Kumite Technology”, which will ensure high quality of broadcasting and coverage of this tournament in different parts of the world with various sports sites and international information headings.

From special partners for this case will work 360° camera system for an exceptional ability to display tatami from different angles. The organizational structure of the Karate Kyokushin Federation of Armenia, under the direction of Mr. Andranik Hakobyan, promises a spectacular high-class tournament.

Armenian Master of Sports of the International class

For the first time in the sphere of all karate styles that function in Armenia,

the Armenian sportsman has been awarded the title of Master of Sports of the International class

Armenian Master Sports

On December 22, the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Armenia has awarded the sportsman of the Kyokushin karate Federation of Armenia Hovhannes Sargsyan the title of Master of Sports of the International class. Continue reading “Armenian Master of Sports of the International class”