Regulations for Anti-Doping Policies of KWU

These Regulations are in full compliance with the effective norms and requirements in sports, as laid down by the International Anti-Doping Rules and documents of the International Olympic Committee.

Kyokushin World Union is committed to enforce sport free from any stimulants included in the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA Prohibited list. These Regulations aim at systematizing the requirements for anti-doping control and
the possible sanctions that may occur during the KWU kumite competitions. Compliance with these Regulations is mandatory at all stages of sports competitions.

To implement anti-doping control within KWU, the Executive Committee establishes the KWU Anti-Doping Commission, which operates in accordance with the international law and these Regulations.

In its work, the Commission is guided by the anti-doping standards of the WADA Code, carries out development of guidelines and programs, implements athletes monitoring.

Regulations for Anti-Doping Policies of KWU

Положение по антидопинговой политике в КВЮ