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Norwegian Kyokushin Summer camp 2017

From Wednesday 28th of June to Sunday the 2nd of July

the Norwegian Kyokushin Karate Org (NKKO) hosted their annual summer camp

This year we had a record high attendance, 230 Kyokushin students and more than 60 black belts from all over Norway visited the camp. This is an all time record for Kyokushin camps in Norway.

We are also very happy to have members of Shinkyokushin and several independent dojo´s training with us.

The camp started on Wednesday evening with a general class with our main guest instructor Shihan Antonio Pinero 8. Dan. A great way to start the camp, and a good workout.

Thursday to Saturday we divided into several different groups.

The fighting team trained together with the national coach Sensei Odd Kjetil Liland and our guest instructor Sensei Pablo Estensoro.

The kata team trained under the guidance of our national kata coach Sensei Roy Svendsen, with good help from former world champion Shihan Javier Lezkano.

Shihan Antonio Pinero and the rest of our Norwegian instructors had different classes in basic, kata, fighting, self defense and special class for dan candidates.

Sunday morning the NKKO grading committee together with Shihan Pinero held the dan exam for 13 candidates. It was a hard grading lasting for four hours with basic, kata, strength exercises and 30 rounds of kumite. All the students fought hard and showed great Kyokushin spirit.

We are proud to announce that Sensei Geir Havreberg and Sensei Tom Sølve Erga passed the exam for 5th dan and it is with great respect we can call them both Shihan.

Link to pictures from the summer camp

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