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List of judges approved for judging at the 4th KWU World Championship

The 4th KWU Kyokushin World Championship

among men and women in weight categories will be held on December 7-8, 2019, Qazaqstan, Nur-Sultan

List of the judges, approved for judging at the 4th KWU Kyokushin World Championship

  1. Grigoryan Grachik – Armenia
  2. Khachatryan Narek – Armenia
  3. Aslanov Galandar – Azerbaijan
  4. Semashko Andrei – Belarus
  5. Kosachuk Evgeniy – Belarus
  6.  Ageev Radomir – Belarus
  7. Yury Puzikau – Belarus
  8. Melnikova Ekaterina – Belarus
  9. Makarevich Aliaksandr – Belarus
  10. Asen Asenov – Bulgaria
  11. Petar Martinov – Bulgaria
  12.  Andreyan Ivanov – Bulgaria
  13. Daniela Dineva – Bulgaria
  14.  Miroslav Barbov – Bulgaria
  15. Ivan Ivanov – Bulgaria
  16. Andrey Perminov – Germany
  17. Alex Kerrigan – Great Britain
  18. Mihdi De Bashe – Great Britain
  19. Terry Prescott – Great Britain
  20. Lia Howlett – Great Britain
  21. Katalin Mato – Hungary
  22. Bela Boke – Hungary
  23. Manouchehr Vahidi – Iran
  24. Jalaiyan Shandizi Rasool – Iran
  25. Mansourifard Mohammad – Iran
  26. Amirhossein Daneshfar – Iran
  27. Danial Daneshfar – Iran
  28. Mazhenov Ramazan – Qazaqstan
  29. Anuar Balabiev – Qazaqstan
  30. Batyrhan Sarmanov – Qazaqstan
  31. Igor Lim – Qazaqstan
  32. Preis Jaroslaw – Poland
  33. Hirsch Christian – Romania
  34. Shepelev Aleksei – Russia
  35. Shvets Pavel – Russia
  36. Bogushov Vasilii – Russia
  37. Savelyev Dmitriy – Russia
  38. Kitkin Andrey – Russia
  39. Polenkov Roman – Russia
  40. Karomatov Hikmat – Tajikistan
  41. Saket Lotfi – Tunisia
  42. Aslan Hasan – Turkey
  43. Trofimets Serhii – Ukraine
  44. Chunhin Mykhailo – Ukraine
  45. Todoraschko Ruslan – Ukraine

List of the approved judges for the 4 KWU WC (ENG)

To candidates for judging:

If you have not found your name on the official list of judges, you can apply as a candidate for judging.

To do this:

  • send an application to the email address:, with “Judging seminar” in the subject line;
  • attend the seminars on 4 – 6 December 2019 in Nur-Sultan;
  • pass the final exam’

Provided you attended all the seminars and passed the exam successfully, you will be admitted to judging at the KWU Kyokushin World Championship.

We draw your attention that candidates for judging cover all expenses on their own.

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