Kyokushin-Kan Hungary: Summer camp Gasshuku 2019

Kyokushin-Kan HUNGARY presents:

SUMMER GASSHUKU 2019. Balatonlelle (HUN) JUL 29 – AUG 3.

with lead instructor Shihan Niklas Albrecht 5DAN country representative Kyokushin-Kan Switzerland (Budokai Mels, CH)

Kyokushin-Kan Hungary

Participation fee: 220 EUR which covers a five-day accommodation and three times a day meal*
Early bird discount 189 EUR full registration before 2019, 31st MARCH

Registrations: 10- to 50% prepayment over bank transfer or internet, the rest paid on-site in cash (Hungarian Forint). Detailed information about the hotel and training camp schedule will be soon posted and later sent upon your registration.

3 times training a day over 5 days in original Kyokushin Budo spirit. 1st of August Thursday is an open day for other organizations so they can get insight and practice weapons (Kobudo), Goshin-jitsu (self-defence) which are not common in other Kyokushin organization but can broaden your understanding of Karate and the Kyokushin-way.

Apply today at
Info: +36 30 2613654 Laszlo Brugos 1DAN