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On June 16, 2018 at the YMCA Sport Fighting Hall in Krakow,

a Seminar was held for the national team preparing for the European Championship in Kaliningrad, Russia and the World Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan. On seminar participated 62 competitors, instructors and judges from different dojos, members of KWF.


Training sessions were conducted by Shihan Andre Drewniak, Shihan Sergey Soldatov from Russia, Shihan Robert Wajgelt and Sensei Bogdan Swiatkowski, who were assisted by Shihan Robert Kopciowski and Shihan Janusz Piorkowski.

In the hours of 15-17 took place the Meeting in the Fireplace Room with the participation of 32 Polish Branch Chiefs, devoted to organizational preparations for the European Championship in Kaliningrad and study Judging Rules. Shihan S. Soldatow acquainted the gathered with the state of preparations for the European Championship. The issue of electronic visas operating on the occasion of the Russian Football World Cup and the organization of a collective trip by a 70-person bus from City Sieradz was discussed.

The second training devoted to combos to fight and work on equipment was carried out. After the one hour kumite was led by shihan A. Drewniak in the presence of the present shihans. In parallel, sensei B. Światkowski ran an hour of advanced kata training in the Mirror Room.

In summary, the program in the field of training, organization and refereeing was carried out in its entirety. Training of the national team will be continued at the 45th Eastern European Summer Camp at the University of Physical Education in Krakow.

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