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KWF Hungary team results from Nyúl (Rabbit) Cup

The KWF Hungary’s team participated on Nyúl (Rabbit) Cup on Budapest

Team results:
Emma Emelieze (Budokai KERN) 1st place
Csenge Fülöp (Budokai KERN) 1st place
Ágoston Emelieze (Budokai KERN) 1st place
Nimród Bay (Budokai KERN) 1st place
Botond Bíró (Akaryu Dojo) 1st place
Flórián Bagó (Budokai KERN) 2nd place
Laura Hazafi (Budokai KERN) 2nd place
Smied Sára (Akaryu Dojo) 2nd place
Csaba Szalai (Budokai KERN) 2nd place
Árpád Erdélyi (Budokai KERN) 2nd place -90kg
Árpád Erdélyi (Budokai KERN) 2nd place+90kg
Sára Antal (Akaryu Dojo) 3rd place

Congratulations for the fighters and sensei Györgyi Róka and sensei Zoltán Heincz! Osu!

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