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IFK Russia Kata championship 2021 – results

On May 23, 2021, the Championship of Russia among men and women, boys and girls (12-13 years old, 14-15 years old), juniors (16-17 years old) was held in discipline Kyokushin Kata, Kyokushin Group Kata.


1st place – Andrey Khimichenko (Moscow)
2nd place – Sergey Shageev (Tomsk region)
3rd place – Evgeniy Smolnik (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

1st place – Evgeniya Kuznetsova (Vladimir region)
2nd place – Zhanna Dolgopolova (Republic of Karelia)
3rd place – Urusova Kristina (Tambov region)

Kata group
1st place – Sergey Shageev, Evgeniy Chigulin, Vladislav German (Tomsk region)
2nd place – Roman Golubev, Evgeny Smolnik, Alina Brevnova (Krasnoyarsk Territory)
3rd place – Tatiana Shishkina, Natalia Bogdanova, Alexey Gubanishchev (Kirov region)

Team places
1st place – Tomsk region
2nd place – Vladimir region
2nd place – Moscow
3rd place – Krasnoyarsk Territory

Boys 12-13 years old
1st place – Mark Shevtsov (Krasnoyarsk Territory)
2nd place – Nikita Chadayev (Republic of Karelia)
3rd place – Bogatyrev Rasul (KChR)

Girls 12-13 years old
1st place – Veronika Brevnova (Krasnoyarsk Territory)
2nd place – Polina Koltsova (Moscow)
3rd place – Yana Vinogradova (Penza region)

12-13 years old, kata group
1st place – Alekseev Gleb, Vereshchak Vasily, Mukhina Sofia (Tomsk region)
2nd place – Dolotin Ruslan, Vinogradova Yana, Polyakova Diana (Penza region)
3rd place – Polina Vakhrusheva, Daria Klabukova, Rostislav Tolstorov (Kirov region)

Boys 14-15 years old
1st place – Yanyshev Yaromir (Krasnoyarsk Territory)
2nd place – Vladimir Troyanok (Volgograd region)
3rd place – Matvey Shvetsov (Kirov region)

Girls 14-15 years old
1st place – Elizaveta Borodkina (Moscow)
2nd place – Laletina Alena (Kirov region)
3rd place – Teterkina Lyubov (Kirov region)

14-15 years old, kata group
1st place – Laletina Alena, Teterkina Lyubov, Melnikov Vladimir (Kirov region)
2nd place – Yanyshev Yaromir, Yanyshev Bogdan, Chirikov Roman (Krasnoyarsk Territory)
3rd place – Teresh Nikita, Shmakov Roman, Lupin Nikita (Republic of Karelia)

Juniors 16-17 years old
1st place – Petrov Timofey (Republic of Karelia)
2nd place – Alexey Voroshilov (Tambov region)
3rd place – Alexander Titenko (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

Juniors 16-17 years old
1st place – Karina Bogdanova (Kirov region)
2nd place – Kristina Brevnova (Krasnoyarsk Territory)
3rd place – Vasilyeva Daria (Republic of Karelia)

16-17 years old, kata group
1st place – Bogdanova Karina, Bushmeleva Maria, Laletin Vladimir (Kirov region)
2nd place – Kristina Brevnova, Alexander Titenko, Alexander Prokopyev (Krasnoyarsk Territory)
3rd place – Petrov Timofey, Korotkov Lev, Blinov Andrey (Republic of Karelia)

Team places
1st place – Krasnoyarsk Territory
2nd place – Kirov region
3rd place – Republic of Karelia

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