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IFK Kyokushin Kobudo: Seminar and Tournament “Shihan’s Cup” 2016

On the 9th-11th December 2016 in Minusinsk

there was held a combined event – “IFK Kyokushin Kobudo” with Shihan Victor Fomin. Training Seminar and the First Open Cahmpionship “Shihan’s Cup” of Kyokushin Karate Federation of Krasnoyarsky krai and Republic of Khakasia. Camp about special training for Katas with Weapons. Organizers: President of the Federation Alexander Brevnov (4th Dan) and Executive director Dina Brevnova. In the Seminar in 9th–10th December there were over 40 participants from Minusinsk, Abakan, Shira, Krasnoyarsk and Kemerovo.

They were learning ways of operating and self-defense techniques with Knife and Combat shovel. In “Shihan’s Cup” (main judge Shihan Victor Fomin, assistant judge Sensei Alexander Brevnov, secretary Dina Brevnova) 26 fighters (bluе, yellow, green and brown belts under 18) from Minusinsk, Abakan and Shira in 3 rounds were performing katas with training weapons: Knife, Bo, Kamas and Combat shovel.

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