FKR Russia: Kolomna Summer camp 2017 – New Dans

FKR All-Russian Summer camp was held in July

with main instructor Shihan David Pickthall (7 Dan) – Vice President of IFK 

At a meeting of the Presidium of the FKR, a number of senior belts received a recommendation for IFK to award the following Dan grades.

Kolomna Summer camp 2017 new dans

On 7 Dan was recommended:

Fomin Victor – Moscow


For 6 Dan:

Bakhturov Alexey – Volgograd


For 5 Dan

Kryvodov Anatoly – Murmansk


For 4 Dan

Viktor Trambetsky – Novopetrovsk

Makarov Gennady – Domodedovo


In addition, passed the qualification examinations for 3 Dan:

Averchenko Victor – Domodedovo

Valuev Vyacheslav – Pavlovsky Posad

Biryukov Alexander – Pavlovsky Posad

Nyagin Alexey – Cheboksary

Tsyganov Andrey – Nizhny Novgorod

Shaimuradov Nail – Yaroslavl

Congratulations! Osu!