Dankezu team with trophies from championship of Spain

Dankezu teamDankezu team with 3 fighters and Sensei Alex Dankezu for the first time took part in the national championship of Spain.

The championship began at 8 am just 10 (!), tatamis.

Maxim Balti,  all his fight finished with Waza-arior ippon! Maxim became the first in the history of Dankezu team, Champion of Spain.

Not so funny develop tournament for young star – two-times European champion Stephen Demanov. He was undoubtedly the strongest in his category. His first fight ended with Ipppon. But in the second match Stephen was suspended. His mawashi in the head was out the rules of the Spanish championship. This kick was realy too strong (broke the nose of his opponent). Thus, in an unfortunate accident but Stephen became third. Ivan Demanov decided to try his hand in the male categories, and, of course – in the Absolute category. A damaged on demonstration performance arm did not give him the opportunity to reveal his talent in full force – after the extension judges decided  to give titled to his opponent, Ivan came home with nothing but experience.