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Dankezu Spring Camp

Dankezu Dojo’s report about their camp:

Again, something is happening here for the first time! For the first time, we were able to spend six full days in a sports camp, thanks to the help and support of the organization djo-regenbogen and Johanna Bontzol personally! Many thanks to them for this opportunity.

We have decided to devote each day to one of the physical qualities or one component of our karate. On the first day, we did Kihon, which went beyond the standard basic routine. On the second day, we developed strength – the main tool of a fighter: axes and sledgehammers flew like butterflies, stones and liquid balls flew like birds!

On the third day, we set a new record – 100 kumite in one day and one-night training! The fourth day was the most unusual – we learned to recover from heavy loads: treatment of microtraumas, massages, yoga, breathing exercises, and – a sauna!

On the fifth day, the day of Kata – we surprised ourselves: this day passed in such an unusual format – we learned new kata and came up with performances in groups! And on the final day, we trained endurance – everything for this most difficult quality, including running 7 and 10 kilometers!

Add here nightly events – from games and discos to deep philosophical and Japanese traditions, ending with an incredible evening of talents, where our moms not only surprised but literally “tore” the audience with their performance!

Congratulations to everyone who passed this test to the end! Congratulations to everyone who passed their belt exams! We express our deep gratitude to those who helped in conducting group training and evenings! Thanks to Tatyana Krol for all the photos!

Now we have decided to run 3 camps a year: the end of August is the traditional 3-day camp with exams at Werbellin. At the end of December or January there is a Camp of Seminars on Interests and New Materials and at the beginning of April a six-day camp like this, unforgettable!


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