KWUCHAMP 2017: Welcome IKO Nakamura!

We would like to welcome IKO Nakamura for sending his fighter to our KWU World Championship

kwuchamp 2017 welcome iko nakamura

The IKO Nakamura lead by Sosui Makoto Nakamura, has sent his fighter Toranosukekagechika Sawai to our KWU World Championship. It is indeed a great honor and will definitely make the tournament exciting. We hope this will be a big first step to work intimately in the future.

We KWU shall never bend our belief inherited from Sosai Mas Oyama and pursue budo karate as dignified martial arts. Therefore, it is grateful for us that such legendary Kyokushin two times World Champion Makoto Nakamura is being cooperative with us.

We hereby would like to thank Sosui Nakamura for sending his fighter to our championship. OSU!


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