Month: January 2017

International Seminar in Costa Rica with World Champion Dmitry Savelyev

This weekend the KWF Kyokushinkai Organization of Costa Rica hosted

an International Seminar with World Champion Sensei Dmitry Savelyev.

The seminar was focused on high competition training and preparation as well as fighting techniques.

On Friday evening we had our first training session which was exclusive to KWF Costa Rica members. The training was very hard and Continue reading “International Seminar in Costa Rica with World Champion Dmitry Savelyev”

Mas Oyama in America (part 1)

Mas Oyama in America – part 1 of 3

By Graham Noble: This article, or historical essay, is part of the book I am trying to write on the history of karate and its masters. This is one section of the chapter on Mas Oyama, his Kyokushinkai style, and his influence on karate history. It’s about his 1952 tour of the USA and it relies heavily on translations from Japanese material: I have to thank Mitchell Ninomiya for his translation of the old “Ooru Yamimono” article, and especially Brian Sekiya, who translated all of the other Japanese material. There wouldn’t really have been a finished piece without Brian’s input. Thanks also to Joe Lopez for his reminiscence of Mas Oyama in New York, to the OldTime Strongman site for the rare old newspaper reference Sebastian Miller , “The Rock Breaker”, and to Charles Goodin for putting this long article on his site, in full.

1. Mas Togo Continue reading “Mas Oyama in America (part 1)”

Russian Winter Camp 2017 – pictures and video

10–13 January 2017 near Yekaterinburg there was held Russian Winter Camp. Camp was with Shihans Alexander Tanyushkin, Victor Fomin and Andrey Bura

There were over 150 participants (mainly black belts) who learn to manage with different documents of Ministry of Sport (Shihans Andrey Bura and Andrey Khimichenko), had detailed training during 4 hours Kumite referee course (theory and practice with Shihan Andrey Bura). And 6 hours Continue reading “Russian Winter Camp 2017 – pictures and video”