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International Seminar in Costa Rica with World Champion Dmitry Savelyev

This weekend the KWF Kyokushinkai Organization of Costa Rica hosted

an International Seminar with World Champion Sensei Dmitry Savelyev.

The seminar was focused on high competition training and preparation as well as fighting techniques.

On Friday evening we had our first training session which was exclusive to KWF Costa Rica members. The training was very hard and the purpose of it was to see the difference of how Russian fighters prepare themselves physically. We had very difficult and intense workouts which proved why the Russian method prepares so strong fighters, and why they have great endurance.

The next day we had two training sessions which were open to fighters of different styles and Organizations such as Shidokan, Kyokushin Kan, IKO Matsushima, Enshin and Kempo Karate. The first part of the training was again focused on many Russian training exercises which once again proved a great challenge for all the participants. After two hours of hard training exercises, World Champion Savelyev started explaining some basic principles for stance, guard and punching which were afterwards proceeded with sparring techniques.

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The last training´s method was mainly on sparring techniques between participants. We could learn some interesting techniques from the World Champion, which will surely increase the level of Costa Rican fighters.

The Seminar was covered by National media in newspaper and with an interview for National Television to promote Kyokushinkai.

One of the most important things we learned from Savelyev is that he told us that “There are no special secrets, ONLY HARD TRAINING.” That the difference between Russian fighters and why they are right now at the highest level of Kyokushinkai is that they train twice or three times as much as fighters from other countries and regions.

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Dmitry Savelyev

After the Seminar, World Champion Savelyev was invited by Sensei Mauricio Alvarado to have two days rest in the beautiful Costa Rican beaches where he had the opportunity to learn to paddleboard and surf, proving great ability in both sports.

The end of the trip was a great highlight with a special beach training session between Savelyev, Sensei Alvarado and two of his high level athletes such as Catalina Rivera and Jonathan Gonzalez.

KWF Kyokushinkai Organization Costa Rica and Sensei Mauricio Alvarado as a host to this seminar have been really pleased by the high level of seminar given by Savelyev, but also impressed with the great kind of human being demonstrating so much humbleness and friendship to everyone in Costa Rica.


On our Instagram profile you can see KWF CR takeover it. And on our feed almost almost for 2 days they published a lot of pictures during the seminar. Osu!

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