Month: November 2016

Kyokushin-kan South Africa: Black belt exam

Shihan Hennie Bosman shared on his profile in Facebook:

We finished our black belt grading. Welgemoed Kyokushin-Kan promoted 18 students to black belt and 32 students to brown belt. Congratulations!

black belt

KWU congratulate all participants and hope to see new strong fighters from Kyokushin-kan South Africa on the 3rd KWUCHAMP 2017! Osu!

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Kids karate: Team building and leadership games at the end of the class

One of the best gifts

that you can provide for your kids is the opportunity to possess the traits necessary for a successful life. Kyokushin is Budō Karate, and the traits taught are the building blocks of integrity, honesty, empathy, leadership, and responsibility. It naturally builds confidence in a young person. Continue reading “Kids karate: Team building and leadership games at the end of the class”


Martial artists are raised on a liberal diet of respect.

Respect for your Sensei. Respect for the game and your opponent, and respect for yourself, for getting out of bed and having the will to train. To train day in day out while the rest of the world treats minor backaches with covered chiropractic care.

Our experience with respect and martial arts was primarily in the Japanese martial arts. The master-student relationship is modeled on father and son and what still remains of the Confucian ethos. The hierarchy within the school is strict yet natural. I rarely saw infighting or rebellion, and if so it was subdued and never out in the open, where the authority or status of an “elder brother” or the master could be challenged. Not to say it doesn’t happen, just a rare occurrence as far as my experience and the stories I’ve heard go.


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Important points for practicing Kyokushin kata

Kata is a formal exercise and must begin and end with a polite and genuine bow

1. ”Live” the techniques while performing Kata. Create the image of your attacker, thus performing the appropriate technique. Consider, re-consider, practice each technique and constantly evaluate yourself.

2. Understand the sophistication of power generation in each and every movement of Kata.

3. Become one with the Kata and flow with the rhythm of movement.

4. Strive for perfection of form and movement. With repetitive practice project your spirit outwardly.

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