Month: August 2016

Happy Birthday, Hanshi!

Dear Hanshi Steve Arneil,

Please, accept our most sincere congratulations on your birthday on behalf of our all KWU organization

We would like to wish you stay as strong as you always were, full of energy and Kyokushin spirit. We wish you a long and happy life with as many positive and bright moments as possible!

KWU appreciates the friendship with such a good person, as you, who is always ready toshare skills and knowledge to all Kyokushin community. OSU!!

hanshi steve arneil

Karate into the Olympics and what about KWU

KWU General Secretary Sergey Suvorov commented the news about the Olympic future

for karate and announced the prospect of KWU in this process

Everyone knows that World Karate Federation WKF was repeatedly storming Olympic leadership for inclusion of karate in the programme of the Olympic Games and now, finally, the dream of the millions of karatekas all over the world came true and this kind of sports will be represented at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 year. I’d like to note immediately that this refers now only to the participation in Tokyo Olympics. Continue reading “Karate into the Olympics and what about KWU”

IFK and KWF – Ukrainian united training camp

In the period from 12 to 19 August 2016, Ivano-Frankovski region was held its 1st united  training camp of Ukrainian Federations IFK and KWF

IFK and KWF – Ukrainian united training camp: All training sessions at the camp passed in the same breath. As expected, the camp ended with Sayonara party.

Advances in the study of karate and to meet again in 2017 at the 2nd united training camp of Federations – Together we are strong!

KWU Hungary declaration

Dear friends, these days it is very easy to find information about karate events, but most important is to have true and right information.

hungary declaration

Recently, we received a declaration from Hungary, which is quite important for KWU as it shows that our aspiration and goals coincide with ideas of KWU country representatives and Kypkushin followers. We would like to make people know about this declaration, we want it to be a good example for other our followers and representatives. Please read it and share this article with your students. Because, as we mentioned above it is very important for all of us  to have true and up-to-date information about KWU events. Continue reading “KWU Hungary declaration”