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Third friendly Kyokushin Kan Karate tournament held Afghanistan

Third friendly Kyokushin Kan Karate tournament between Paktya, and Khost provinces successfully held in Gardez city Afghanistan.

On Saturday 13 August 2016, in southeast region Paktya province, a third friendly tournament between Paktya and Khost provinces successfully held in Jerga hall Gardez city.

The aim of this tournament was to select 2017 provincial and regional team for the upcoming open national tournament and also to increase friendship, mutual understanding, and to improve and develop Kyokushin Karate in the provinces.

According to the schedule all invited guest teams arrived on Thursday, the team were welcomed. The organizing committee jointly managed the weight-draws in different ten categories including children, Cadet, juniors, and seniors. Overall total 50 fighters are enrolled from two provinces.

As per the schedule the tournament started at 09:30am on Friday, whereas more than five hundred spectators watched this remarkable event. The tournament toke place on professional manner by delegations (supreme Judges, Corner Judges and other organizing committee) the competitions demonstrated their talents and in Karate spirits, they participated in friendly environment with mutual respect.

The tournament ended up late evening, as a result of calculated marks in winning categories, Paktya province got first position and Khost received second position.

The Head of Paktya provincial Sports and physical education department Gul Karim Sahar appreciated and welcomed the guest including delegations from Kabul, and as well as guest teams from southeast region.

The tournament was held in ten different categories including Children, Cadet, juniors, and Adult, seniors. Overall 50 fighters from Paktya, and Khost provinces. Out of which 30 fighters achieved the first second and third positions.

The tournament organized by Ihsanullah Ihsan under the Leadership of Sensei Sabiri.

Osu.IhsanTournament Organizer Kyokushin Kan Afghanistan Paktya branch 

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