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From the 22nd to 26th of June 2016 the Norwegian Kyokushin Karate Organization (NKKO)

had it´s annual summer-camp in southern Norway

This year we had over 160 of our students attending the camp.  There were also students from many other Norwegian Kyokushin organizations.

Together with our Norwegian instructors: Sensei G. Øian, Sensei T. Erga, Sensei J. Sundvor, Sensei G. Gundersen, Sensei G. Havreberg and Sensei G.R. Tøge we also had guest instructors from Spain.  nkko

Shihan J. Lezkano and Sensei P. Estensoro gave us many hours of good training.

We had special classes for fighting team, kata team, children, education for instructors and self defence.

On Sunday morning our European President Shihan A. Pinero also came to visit and was responsible for the dan exam.  All the students going for their dan exam completed successfully.  The NKKO has now seven new shodan´s and one new nidan.

The summer-camp was organized by the board of the NKKO with good help from our members.

We all had s good time at the summer camp and are now looking forward to our annual winter-camp.


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