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Training with Shihan Nicholas Pettas: Always give back. This is your mission.

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Let’s Train Together: Are you ready to take the first step towards martial arts greatness? Join us as we train, spar, and conquer the ring together. Together, we’ll ignite the fire within and unleash our full potential on the mat. 

XVIII International Summer Camp Kamchia 2024

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This video shows Sosai Mas Oyama teaching basic training at the Sohonbu.


Instructor: “All right! Ready to get signed up?” Student: “You bet. I can’t wait to become a lethal, but humble, weapon!” Instructor: “Awesome. I...


Great interest in the XVIII International Martial Arts Summer Camp The one-of-a-kind International Summer Camp in Varna, Bulgaria, organized by the KWU Professional League...

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The 2024 World Cup Varna is set to unite budding talents in the realm of Kyokushin karate once again. Scheduled for July 2, this...