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Shihan Akira Masuda: SENSHI has the same values as Bushido

SENSHI is not just a regular martial arts tournament. It is a lot more. The spirit within is very much like bushido (path of the warrior). That’s what Shihan Akira Masuda thinks. He spoke in front of’s microphone for the “In progress…” show at Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

“In bushido where the samurai invoke their biggest energy to face one another in a fight for life and death. They do it openly and honestly. At SENSHI I felt the same vibe and that’s what gave me joy”. The Kyokushin master said about the SENSHI camp and fight night that took place between February 17-19 in Varna.

Akira Masuda was a special guest lecturer on his first Bulgaria visit. He was surprised by the fact that more than 500 people are coming to the Sea capital to meet him and all the other masters.

He spoke about the legendary 100-man kumite challenge where he fought 100 opponents. Masuda was the last one to complete it in front of Mas Oyama – the creator of the Kyokushin martial art.

“I felt gratitude after the 100-man kumite challenge. I was grateful to the founder Masatatcu Ōyama, to my parents, to my friends, my teammates, and even to my opponents. I was thankful to all of them. The challenge taught me gratitude for everyone and everything. It was also enlightenment. One passes through different obstacles in bushido just to reach that enlightenment. I think that is the most important thing I have learned from the challenge”. He said in front of our microphone.

First, there is the physical and then there is the mental trial. The two can’t be separated, the Shihan also said. And in order to test your soul first you need to challenge your body.

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