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Semmy Schilt knocked out Glaube Feitosa (video)

Interview with Feitosa after the fight, written by Marcus Tomschi

In his post-tournament interview, Glaube Feitosa talks about his fight with Schilt and why Schilt was not going down from the high kick.

What do you think about the performance tonight?
A: I think it was a very exciting and good fight for the audience tonight, but for myself, it wasn’t an excellent fight because I lost. I feel that I have to train a lot to improve.

Any damage?
A: Physically, I don’t have much damage at this moment, but at the end of the fight, I got punched right on my nose, so I had a bleeding nose right after the fight, but I’m okay now, so if I had to fight again, I could do it any time.

What was difficult about tonight’s fight with Semmy?
A: Not only for myself but any fighter who’s fighting with Semmy Shilt, it’s kind of tough to fight with him because he’s very tall and has long legs and long reach, so it is tough to get inside his body. As you get inside him, you will receive his knee, which should be the most challenging part of fighting with Semmy.

There was a hi-kick that almost took a down from Semmy during the fight, so even though you lost, was there any gain from that moment?
A: Yes, now I see many options in fighting against him. Now I feel that Semmy is not undefeatable. If I go forward and put everything I got, Semmy is still a defeatable fighter.

In the 2nd round, you gave a high-kick to Semmy’s face, so did you feel you put some good impact on the high-kick?
A: Actually, I was talking about that high kick with my teammates, and I think I threw the kick too high, and that’s why I hit his face. If I could kick lower right on his neck, I guess Semmy went down on the floor.

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