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Life and fighting lessons from 戦士 SENSHI instructor Sam Greco

Sam Greco is a name synonymous with the fight game. With 37 years of martial arts and fight experience, Greco is a household name in Japan, Europe, and all parts of Asia and Australasia.
A former bare knuckle Karate World champion and former 3 x WAKO undisputed world heavyweight Kickboxing champion and superstar of K-1 (the world’s largest fight circuit), Greco carved an aura of invincibility in the fight world and a massive following as fans flocked to his fights to see him do what he does best – knock out opponents with sheer brute power.

147 Fights – 131Wins – 11 Losses – 3 Draws – 2 No Contest
3 x WAKO World Kickboxing Champion
World Full Contact Karate Champion
6 x Australian Full Contact Champion
The above results refer to Full Contact Karate, K1 Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts.

After a decorated fight career, Greco retired from the ring to concentrate on his film career. His imposing physique, magnetic personality and charisma saw him secure several high-profile film roles:

Ironfist (Richard Norton, Jane Badler) – feature role “Dave The Stealth Bomber”
Scooby Doo The Movie (Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jnr) – lead villain role as
Zarkos the Masked Mexican Wrestler
The Condemned (Steve Austin, Vinnie Jones) – lead double for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Fat Pizza the Movie (Paul Fenech, Analise Braakensiek) – feature role
Fat Pizza TV Series – Feature role “Luigi”
Underbelly – Underworld Gangland killings (13-part mini-series)- Feature Role
Bruno Berluzzi – Sin City Bouncer/Drug Dealer
Rush – Episode 8 – Feature Role Character Name – Marcus Day
Cornetto Ice Cream Ad 2008, 2009 & 2010 –“ Terry the Executioner “
Swift and Shift (SBS TV Series 8 episodes) – Lead Role “Luigi”
Japanese TV Commercial – “Incense”
Play Station K1 Fight Games 1 through to 12 Editions – Sam Greco
Two Fists One Heart – Feature Role “Mick The Mechanic” 2009
Offspring TV Series Channel 10 – “The Butcher” 2011
Killing Time Channel 7- Daryl “The Bikie” 2011
Houso’s SBS Comedy – Lead “Luigi” 2011
Underbelly “SQUIZZY” – Bunny Whiting 2013
Channel 9 TV Series
Underbelly “Fat Tony & Co” – Tonys biggest fan 2014
Channel 9 TV Series
Crownbet TV Commercial – Boxing Trainer 2015
Wentworth – Thug man 2015
Australian Gangster – Joe Antoun 2018

In addition to these acting roles, Greco is a darling of the Japanese talk and game show circuit, having made guest appearances and performed a variety of sketches on Japan’s highest-rating programs. He has also appeared in a number of Japanese advertising campaigns.

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