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KO Master Shihan Ryu Narushima

After successful performances in the All Japan Weight Tournament, Shihan Narushima was selected for the 6th World Tournament.

At this event, he showed his full range of techniques, including his favorite jodan mawashi geri for which he gained an ippon in the most spectacular knockout of the tournament.

After reaching the last day he met Australia’s Garry O’Neill in a fight that matched arguably the two most technically gifted fighters. In an excellent match where the two fighters could not be separated, Shihan Narushima eventually lost out due to the number of boards broken.

Two years later Shihan Narushima was again excellent on the World Stage as he claimed third place at the 1st World Weight Tournament. At the 7th World Tournament arguably his best performance yet, Shihan Narushima fought his way to the last 8 before losing to eventual champion Shihan Francisco Filho of Brazil.

7th World Tournament 1999 – 8th  (Lost to Filho)
6th World Tournament 1995 – Last 32 (Lost to O’Neill)
1st World Weight Tournament 1997 – 3rd
16th All Japan Weight Tournament 1999 – 1st
13th All Japan Weight Tournament 1996 – 1st
12th All Japan Weight Tournament 1995 – 1st
11th All Japan Weight Tournament 1994 – 2nd
7th World Tournament Technical Award Winner
6th World Tournament Technical Award Winner

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