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Elevate Your Martial Arts Journey with KWU SENSHI (video)

At KWU SENSHI, we’re committed to helping you achieve your martial arts goals through our specialized full-contact training sessions. Our carefully crafted sessions prioritize the enhancement of technique, strength, and agility, creating a dynamic and effective training environment.

What Sets Us Apart?

Focused Improvement: Our training is designed to elevate your skills. Whether you’re looking to refine your technique, build strength, or enhance your agility, our sessions cater to all aspects of martial arts.

Safe Learning Environment: Your safety is our priority. Our sessions provide a secure and controlled setting for learning, ensuring that you can push your boundaries while minimizing the risk of injury.

Expert Guidance: Our experienced instructors are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way. Benefit from their expertise as they provide personalized support to help you reach new heights in your training.

Why Choose KWU SENSHI?

Holistic Approach: We believe in a well-rounded approach to martial arts. Our training not only focuses on physical aspects but also fosters mental discipline and resilience.

Community Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for martial arts. The camaraderie and encouragement within our community make your journey even more rewarding.

Next-Level Training: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our goal is to assist you in taking your training to the next level. Challenge yourself, set new milestones, and exceed your expectations.

Path to SENSHI Gala: The KWU SENSHI camp is not just about training; it’s a pathway to recognition. Stand out during the camp, catch the attention of SENSHI scouts, and open doors to participate in the prestigious international SENSHI gala in the future.

Train with Purpose. Train with KWU SENSHI.

Watch a video compilation of training sessions with Shihan Ivo Kamenov. Shihan Kamenov is the Chairman of the KWU International Professional League, Chairman of the Bulgarian National Martial Arts Association, and an instructor at KWU SENSHI International.

KWU World Cup 2023 YouTube playlist│4-5.07.2023

KWU SENSHI EURO 2021 YouTube playlist

SENSHI 20 YouTube playlist │ 24.02.2024

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