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The official weigh-in before SENSHI 18 was successfully passed

The 18th edition of the fighting gala will offer a spectacular show and two bouts for the European SENSHI title in two categories

The official weigh-in, held on September 15, before the 18th edition of the SENSHI International Fighting Gala, successfully introduced the fighting stars to the public and the media. The cantata was held on the beach in front of the restaurant “More” in the resort of “St. St. Constantine and Helena”, city of Varna, and the impressive fighters came face to face for their first meeting before the titanic clashes in the arena.

All the 24 strong fighting stars entered their categories. They managed to pass the official scales successfully, giving a request in front of the cameras to show the audience their strongest fighting techniques, to give 100%, and to make unforgettable and spectacular fights in the upcoming gala night.

We are just a few hours away from the big fight show, SENSHI 18. It will occur on 16 September at 18:30 at the beach arena in Varna, resort Varna. “St. St. Constantine and Helena”, on the beach in front of the restaurant “More”. The impatient martial arts fans who want to watch the SENSHI fights up close can buy the last tickets for the event from the network of

The participants of the two anticipated fights for the European SENSHI title in the up to 90 kg category and the heaviest weight category 95+ kg, gave a press conference for the media after the official weigh-in. They answered many questions about their preparations before the fight gala and their intentions when they took to the beach arena on 16 September. The 11th bout will pit Ahmed Krnjic of Bosnia and Herzegovina against Bruno Suzano of Portugal in a bid for the 95+kg heavyweight title. In the final 12 bout for the prestigious European up to 90 kg title, German Jacob Styben and Bulgarian Eduard Aleksanyan will face each other.

The SENSHI 18 arena on the Bulgarian seaside will become the scene of 12 titanic fights, with fighters from over 14 countries showcasing their best fighting skills in the ring under the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT, KWU OPEN, and KWU SENSHI.


The official SENSHI 18 weigh-in results:

Fight #1

Cat. 70 kg, Ruleset: KWU FULL CONTACT

Konstantin Mihailov, Bulgaria (70 kg) vs. Vincenzo Di Nicola, Italy (70 kg)


Fight #2

Cat. 75 kg, Ruleset: KWU FULL CONTACT

Mubariz Aghmaliev, Azerbaijan (74,9 kg) vs. Lucas Kotleba, Slovakia (74,4 kg)


Fight #3

Cat. 85 kg, Ruleset: KWU FULL CONTACT

Kristiyan Doychev, Bulgaria (84,1 kg) vs. Renato Prenga, Italy (85 kg)


Fight #4

Cat. 80 kg, Ruleset: KWU FULL CONTACT

Mehdi Ait El Hadj, Moroco (76,9 kg) vs. Alex Fernandez, Spain (77 kg)


Fight #5

Cat. 95 kg, Ruleset: KWU SENSHI

Olivier Langlois-Ross, Canada (95 kg) vs. Sebastian Lutaniuc, Romania (95 kg)


Fight #6

Cat. 75 kg, Ruleset: KWU FULL CONTACT

Atanas Bozhilov, Bulgaria (72,9 kg) vs. Madicke Kamara, France (73 kg)


Fight #7

Cat. 70 kg, Ruleset: KWU FULL CONTACT

Issam Chadid, Morocco (68 kg) vs. Gregorri Gottardi, France (68 kg)


Fight #8

Cat. 85 kg, Ruleset: KWU OPEN

Mariyan Dimitrov, Bulgaria (81,3 kg) vs. Tony van Dijk, Netherlands (82 kg)


Fight #9

Cat. 75 kg, Ruleset: KWU FULL CONTACT

Mihail Velchovski, Bulgaria (74,9 kg) vs. Ayoub Benaddya, Spain (74,4 kg)


Fight #10

Cat. 70 kg, Ruleset: KWU FULL CONTACT

Dragomir Petrov, Bulgaria (68,8 kg) vs. Samo Petje, Slovenia (69,8 kg)


Fight #11


Cat. 95+ kg, Ruleset: KWU FULL CONTACT

Ahmed Krnjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina (119,8 kg) vs. Bruno Suzano, Portugal (105 kg)


Fight #12


Cat. -90 kg, Ruleset: KWU FULL CONTACT

Eduard Aleksanyan, Bulgaria (88 kg) vs. Jacob Styben, Germany (88 kg)


The fight gala SENSHI 18 will be broadcast live on Bulgaria ON AIR and Max Sport for Bulgaria, as well as in real-time worldwide on American television FITE,,, and 

SENSHI 18 is organized in cooperation with the Professional League of the Kyokushin World Union (KWU International Professional League), as well as with the special support of Armeec Insurance Company, MAX Sport, Bulgaria Air, M Car Group – BMW dealer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Service and St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding.

SENSHI’s media partners are Boec.BG and Boec.COM, the national television Bulgaria ON AIR, the American online martial arts television FITE,,,, the information portal Kyokushin Karate News, Fighto.News and


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