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SENSHI 9 – over the sky action, tough clashes and many surprises

K-1 legend Ernesto Hoost welcomed his birthday on SENSHI’s ring!

The ninth edition of the international fight night SENSHI was probably one of the best and most full of surprises so far! It was so exciting that we literally couldn’t move from our seats and – we witnessed some really unpredictable turn of events in a few of the bouts.

SENSHI 9 took place in Kamchia, Bulgaria, during the 15th International camp of Kyokushin World Union and the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation. During the new fight show for the first time, the finals of the European Championship of the KWU Professional League were conducted. They were included as the first six battles in the fight card of SENSHI 9. The clashes were by the rules of KWU SENSHI in six categories – 70 kg, 75 kg, 80 kg, 85 kg, 90 kg, 90+ kg, and the big prize was the first European belts and cups of the KWU Professional League.

The second part of the evening offered the action-hungry audience many surprises and 7 professional clashes between titans according to KWU SENSHI and KWU Full contact rules. They competed for the SENSHI champion belts and cups.

The highlight of the night was the two professional bouts between the German fighter Sergey Braun and Samuel Dbili from France, as well as the clash of the night – between Romania’s “Rambo”- Florin Lambagiu, and the Russian fight star and the multiple WAKO PRO World kickboxing and low kick champion Andrei Chekhonin, who was undefeated at the ring of SENSHI. At least until Saturday, when his winning strike was interrupted by Romania’s best puncher Florin Lambagiu. The 3 rounds weren’t enough for the judges to decide whether Florin Lambagiu or Andrei Chekhonin deserved the win more – so they announced an additional round that was even more exciting!

The two fighters didn’t back down from attacking during the whole match and they both suffered some hard punches and kicks. In the end, the win was awarded to the National sambo champion of Romania, 2018, and a national champion in kickboxing Florin Lambagiu. This was his debut at the SENSHI ring.

The turnout of the third professional meeting in the program of SENSHI 9 was also one of the big surprises of the evening. Croatian fighter Andrej Kedves, who made his debut in the international gala, defeated veteran and captain of the national kickboxing team of Bulgaria Atanas Bozhilov, who also was undefeated on SENSHI’s ring until now. The win was by a judge’s decision after an additional round. Because of the strong spirit that Bozhilov showed in the ring, he was awarded one of the special prizes of the evening “Fighting Spirit”.

The other big battle of the evening was under number 12 in SENSHI’s battle card – it was between WAKO PRO K-1 world champion Sergei Brown from Germany and the two-time French Muay Thai champion and IFMA World Muay Thai bronze medalist Samuel Dbilly. The two competed in the category up to 80 kg according to the rules of KWU Full Contact, and the victory deservedly went to Sergei Brown from Germany. He also won the special award of the evening for “Best Technique”.

Fighters from 17 countries took part in SENSHI 9 and the three-day tournament of the European Championship of the KWU Professional League, which offered attractive battles and a lot of action. There were quite a few surprises as well!

The legend Ernesto Hoost, four-time world heavyweight champion in K-1 and one of the biggest names in the world of kickboxing and instructor in the KWU Professional League, celebrated his birthday not just anywhere, but on the ring of SENSHI 9!

The organizers awarded Mr. Perfect with a special surprise – the Chairman of KWU Professional League and the National Association of Combat Sports Shihan Ivo Kamenov, the world K-1 stars, legendary champions and instructors of the League Peter Aerts and Semmy Schilt, and the general secretary of the League Shihan Alexand Pitchkounov presented Ernesto Hoost with a special belt and cup of SENSHI, and while this was happening the huge audience in the Amphitheater enthusiastically sang “Happy birthday” to the big legend in K-1. Watch the video of the surprise HERE.

You can watch free SENSHI 9 and the finals of the first European Championship of the KWU Professional League on the American online TV FITE

Here’s a list of all the results from the first Open European Championship of the KWU Professional League and the 9th SENSHI International Fighting Gala Evening:

European Championship of the KWU Professional League:

  • Final 1: Ayk Danielyan from Russia defeated Gegam Manavazian from Armenia in up to 70 category by the KWU SENSHI rules.
  • Final 2: Siarhei Charnetski from Belarus defeated Suliman Kosumov from Russia in a final bout of the category under 75 kg under the rules of KWU SENSHI.
  • Final 3: Nikolay Yorgov from Bulgaria returned to the ring of SENSHI with a win over Belarus’ Ruslan Nasibulin in the 80 kg category.
  • Final 4: Kristiyan Doychev has once again defeated France’s Jean-Paul Jacquet under the SENSHI banner. They met again on the SENSHI 9 with the SENSHI European title in the -80 kg category being on the line.
  • Final 5: Ukraine’s Vladyslav Fostenko won his second fight under the SENSHI banner. Fostenko defeated France’s Amirouche Filali via decision, capturing the European SENSHI title in the -90 kg category.
  • Final 6: Belarus’ David Atsman will surely remember his SENSHI debut. The Belarusian fighter defeated Ukraine’s Danylo Voievodkin vid decision after an additional round was ruled on by the judges. Atsman captured the European SENSHI title in the +90 kg category in Kamchia.

Results of professional matches at the international combat show SENSHI 9:

  • Battle 7: Dragomir Petrov from Bulgaria defeated the debutant, Carlos Garcia, from Spain after a full three rounds. The victory was the third for Petrov in SENSHI. It was a match, held in cat. up to 70 kg. according to the rules of KWU Full Contact
  • Battle 8: Eduard Aleksanyan from Bulgaria defeated Pavel Shelest from Belarus by unanimous decision in a match in the category up to 80 kg according to the KWU Full-Contact rules.
  • Battle 9: Croatian fighter Andrej Kedves defeated Atanas Bozhilov from Bulgaria in the 75kg category under KWU rules Full Contact
  • Battle 10: Artem Pashporin from Russia defeated Oleg Tsvik from Ukraine in the category up to 70 kg according to the rules of KWU SENSHI
  • Battle 11: Albanian Francesco Hxaja defeated Ahmed Krnjic from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 95kg category. according to the rules of KWU Full Contact
  • Battle 12: Sergej Brown from Germany defeated Frenchman Samuel Dbilli in the 80kg KWU Full Contact category
  • Battle 13: Romanian Florin Lambagiu defeated Andrei Chekhonin from Russia in the 85kg category under KWU Full Contact rules

SENSHI 9 is brought to you by KWU International Professional League, Armeec Insurance Group, MAX Sport, „Bulgaria Air“ M-Car Group – BMW.

Media partners of SENSHI 9 are Boec.BG and Boec.COM, Bulgaria ON AIR, FITE,,,, Russian Union Of Martial Arts, Kyokushin Кarate News and Fighto.News.

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