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SENSHI 19: A Kickboxing Spectacle in Bulgaria

Guest author: Shihan Semmy Schilt

Date: November 23

Before departure together with Vincent

On a cold November day, Vincent and I headed to Bulgaria for the highly anticipated SENSHI kickboxing camp, an adrenaline-filled weekend from Friday to Sunday led by the K-1 and K-Max legends.

Vincent, who enthusiastically signed up through one of my widely shared Instagram ads, experienced his first in the world of SENSHI.

Upon arrival in Bulgaria, instructors and participants were picked up and taken to the hotel, each group with transport arranged by SENSHI. The groups were divided in such a way that participants had the opportunity to train with all instructors, a valuable experience in the world of kickboxing.

In the photo, together with Ernesto Hoost.

The first training on Friday, led by veteran and fellow K-1 champion Ernesto Hoost, laid the foundation with combinations that I further developed in my next session. My focus was on footwork, inspired by K-Max celebrities Albert Kraus and Andy Souwer, translated to heavyweight with an emphasis on developing the ‘eye’. Learn to read your opponent and predict actions by provoking it.

The talents in action

It is nice to see that the SENSHI instructors teach with the passion they have for the sport.

The diversity in instruction and philosophy was reflected in the final workout of the day, where each instructor put their own stamp on punching, kicking, movement, and situational control.

The highlight of the weekend, however, was the SENSHI Gala, where fighters were given a stage to showcase their skills, some even advancing to bigger stages such as GLORY.

The Legends in the Ring

As a referee during these spectacular fights, I witnessed the most exciting match in SENSHI history, with four knockdowns in one round!

Here, our German friend is still on the winning side.

The other highlight of the evening unfolded during the final match in the SENSHI Open, a modified MMA match between Bulgaria and Lithuania, which brought the audience to their feet.

Here, the Bulgarian fighter is declared the winner.

The joint training on the next day ended with sparring. The inspiring presence of Shihan Ivo Kamenov marked the end of a weekend full of passion and spectacle.

Here, I give my unique view of the situation.

The clock is ticking down to the next SENSHI event on February 22-25. 2024, an invitation to all enthusiasts to experience this kickboxing experience. Keep an eye on KWU SENSHI‘s social media for updates. 


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