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SENSHI 14 full results

Glamorous spectacle, lots of adrenaline, and epic fights at SENSHI 14

Real fighting spectacle filled with a lot of action, contested and unpredictable fights until the end, spectacular and epic fights offered the new 14th edition of the international gala fight night SENSHI. The attractive fight show took place at the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna, Bulgaria, on December 3rd.

The fight card of the new edition featured 13 attractive and competitive bouts under the KWU Full Contact rules between 26 elite fighting stars and champions from 17 countries, including some of the best Bulgarian fighters. Atanas Bozhilov and Dragomir Petrov showed unwavering spirit and triumphed over their opponents in attractive clashes. In the main fight of the evening, Eduard Aleksanyan from Bulgaria scored a spectacular victory with TKO over the debutant from Belgium Madani Rahmani.

Look at the complete results from the 14th edition of the international professional fighting gala evening SENSHI: 

Fight #1

Elena Goggin, Spain vs. Montana Aerts, The Netherlands

Category 55 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Montana Aerts from Netherlands defeated Elena Goggin from Spain with unanimous decision in the opening fight of the 14th edition of the international gala fight night.

Fight #2

Marta Janikowska, Poland vs. Kim-Alina Ross, Australia

Category 70 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Kim-Alina Ross from Australia defeated Marta Janikowska from Poland in a contested and very attractive clash with unanimous decision.

Fight #3

Patryk Krzyzostaniak, Poland vs. Jo Miyahara, Japan

Category 80 kg, ruleset: KWU Full Contact

Jo Miyahara from Japan triumphed over Patryk Krzyzostaniak from Poland with an incredible knockout in the second round of the third bout at the spectacular gala fight night.

Fight #4

Levan Guruli, Georgia vs. Dragomir Petrov, Bulgaria

Category 70 kg, ruleset: KWU Full Contact

Dragomir Petrov from Bulgaria defeated Levan Guruli from Georgia after an extra round in an attractive fight at the heated arena of SENSHI.

Fight #5

Diogo Neves, Portugal vs. Atanas Bozhilov, Bulgaria

Category 75 kg, ruleset: KWU Full Contact

Atanas Bozhilov from Bulgaria triumphs over Diogo Neves from Portugal with a unanimous decision in a gladiatorial fight in the fifth bout of the evening.

Fight #6

Samo Petje, Slovenia vs. Aissam Chadid, Spain

Category 70 kg, ruleset: KWU Full Contact

Aissam Chadid from Spain defeated Samo Petje from Slovenia with unanimous decision in an attractive fight.

Fight #7

Takumi Sanekata, Japan vs. Ivan Naccari, Italy

Category 70 kg, ruleset: KWU Full Contact

Ivan Naccari from Italy won the bout against Takumi Sanekata from Japan with a unanimous decision in a spectacular clash in the 7th encounter at the arena of SENSHI 14.

Fight #8

Rhydel Vogelenzang, The Netherlands vs. Ramesh Habib, Australia

Category 65 kg, ruleset: KWU Full Contact

The debutant Ramesh Habib from Australia defeated Rhydel Vogelenzang from The Netherlands after one extra round.

Fight #9

Frangis Goma, France vs. Thomas Duve, The Netherlands

Category 85 kg, ruleset: KWU Full Contact

Frangis Goma from France defeated Thomas Duve from The Netherlands with a unanimous decision in gladiatorial fight during the ninth bout of the spectacular international gala fight night SENSHI.

Fight #10

Mehmet Özer, Turkey vs. Jakob Styben, Germany

Category 95 kg, ruleset: KWU Full Contact

Jakob Styben from Germany defeated Mehmet Özer from Turkey with unanimous decision in a titanic clash.

Fight #11

Florin-Ioan Matei, Romania vs. Nicola Filipovic, Serbia

Category +95 kg, ruleset: KWU Full Contact

Nicola Filipovic from Serbia defeated Florian-Ioan Matei from Romania in the eleventh bout of the evening with unanimous decision.

Fight #12

Youness Benmalek, Belgium vs. Uku Jürjendal, Estonia

Category +95 kg, ruleset: KWU Full Contact

Uku Jürjendal from Estonia won an attractive fight over his opponent Youness Benmalek from Belgium with unanimous decision in a spectacular fight.

Fight #13

Madani Rahmani, Belgium vs. Eduard Aleksanyan, Bulgaria

Category 85 kg, ruleset: KWU Full Contact

Eduard Aleksanyan from Bulgaria defeated Madani Rahmani from Belgium in the second round with TKO. The two fighters measured strength, will and fighting spirit in a titanic clash during the main fight of the attractive international gala fight night SENSHI 14.

Traditionally, at the end of the 14th edition of the international fighting gala night, special awards for the evening were also handed out. Rhydel Vogelenzang from The Netherlands was awarded the “Best Technique” award. Mehmet Ozer from Turkey received the “Fighting Spirit” special award. The “Knockout of the Night” award went to Jo Miyahara from Japan. During SENSHI 14 the annual special award ”Helmet of Spartacus” by the National Combat Sports Association of Bulgaria was also handed out. The award gave Shihan Ivo Kamenov, Executive Director of the SENSHI International Professional League and President of Bulgaria’s National Association of Combat Sports. ”Helmet of Spartacus” received Atanas Bozhilov from Bulgaria for his excellent performance and highest achievements on the gala fights throughout the year.

Special guests of the attractive fight show were once again world greats in the field of combat sports, including the K-1 legends Nicholas Pettas and Sam Greco, three-time and four-time K-1 world heavyweight champions Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt, and Ernesto Hoost, the spectacular K-1 Max champion Albert Kraus, Sihan Francisco Filho, Sensei Glaube Feitosa, Sensei Andrews Nakahara, Takashi, and Momo Ito.

SENSHI is organized in cooperation with the Professional League of the Kyokushin World Union (KWU International Professional League), as well as with the special support of Armeec Insurance Company, MAX Sport, Bulgaria Air, M Car Group – BMW dealer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Service and St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding.

SENSHI’s media partners are Boec.BG and Boec.COM, the national television Bulgaria ON AIR, the American online martial arts television FITE,,,, the information portal Kyokushin Karate News, Fighto.News and












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