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Nicholas Pettas: SENSHI give many opportunities to young people

If you have a big dream and a big goal, then any sport can become great and attract more people. The SENSHI camps are an extremely interesting opportunity for young people, for the next generation. I’m very dedicated because I think they do things well. They give children the opportunity to learn the spirit of karate and at the same time, they can learn kickboxing and MMA. This was said by said K-1 legend Nicholas Pettas in an interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

The dream attracts. For example, everyone in Japan wants to play baseball because baseball is the most popular sport there. Japanese fathers teach their children to play baseball as they grow up. They watch baseball, practice baseball, and go to camps“, said Pettas.

Nicholas Pettas is a European and World Karate champion, the last Uhi-deshi of Masutatsu Oyama, and the K-1 Japan Grand Prix, winner.

Asked if he considers himself a karate legend, the Greek-born Danish champion said he doesn’t think you can be a legend while you’re alive.

If you leave something behind, some legacy, maybe. But I’m still going that way“.

Perhaps many people remember me for what I have done in the last 30 years. I live in Japan and people know me there. There I have left traces in the world of martial arts. Both in karate and in K-1. And thus I was invited to appear in films and on television, etc.

Commenting on what he would tell a kid who wants to become a karateka, Pettas said he would advise him to do some reading and see what style interests him.

After that, you can enter a dojo and take another lesson. Watching other fighters play and talking to the sensei. You need to find a dojo that is close enough to you. You should know that they will train you well. And then, whatever happens, don’t look back. You keep going. I’m sure you’ll learn something that people can only learn in combat sports“.

You can watch the whole interview with Nicholas Pettas in the video.

K-1 legend Nicholas Pettas will be a special guest at the fourteenth edition of the international professional gala fight night SENSHI on December 3rd at the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna. The start of the titanic clashes will be given at 7 pm EET. The fight card of the new edition features 13 attractive and competitive bouts under the KWU Full Contact rules between 26 elite fighting stars and champions from 17 countries, including Australia, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Japan, and more. Tickets for the attractive fight show SENSHI 14 are on sale on the Eventim network and

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