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First defenses of the SENSHI Euro Titles

The 22nd edition of the professional combat sports circuit SENSHI is set to deliver a thrilling spectacle. On 6 July 2024, the seaside will transform into a battleground for championship fights and the site of monumental victories. Two matches of particular significance will mark the event, the first defenses of the prestigious SENSHI European titles in the -75 and -85kg categories. This is a momentous occasion that is sure to captivate the public’s attention.

Atanas Bozhilov will face Samo Petje in the 75 kg category under the rules of KWU Full Contact.

Atanas Bozhilov is a force to be reckoned with in the 75 kg division. With an impressive record of nineteen wins from twenty appearances, Bozhilov is the reigning SENSHI European champion in the -75 kg category. He claimed this title at SENSHI 17 last year, setting a high bar for young fighters. His achievements extend beyond SENSHIhe is also the world champion of KGP 2018 and WAKO PRO 2017 in 2019.

The Slovenian Samo Petje is the 2014 MTA European K1 Champion and 2013 MTA European Muay Thai Champion and has defended his FFC title five times. In the previous edition of SENSHI 21, Samo Petje defeated his opponent from Romania, Vlad Trif, by knockout in the second round.

Bulgarian fighter Eduard Aleksanyan and German Jakob Styben will take to the ring in a truly spectacular bout – a rematch for the European title after Aleksanyan won the SENSHI European title in the -85 kg category at SENSHI 18 against Styben.

Eduard Aleksanyan is the WAKO PRO European K1 Champion in 2021, Savages Kickboxing Champion in 2019, and National Kickboxing Champion in 2018 and 2020. In April 2023, Aleksanyan was ranked in the top 10 best kickboxers in the world in the middleweight division by the prestigious Combat Press.

Jakob Styben is the IKBF K1 European Champion and 2015 Northern Thailand Muay Thai Champion. He is also the MTBD German Muay Thai Champion and the K1 National Champion (IKBF).

Stay tuned for more news and details about the summer event SENSHI 22 and the full fight card, which will offer the audience tons of emotions and rock Varna, Bulgaria.

The 22nd edition of SENSHI is organized in cooperation with the KWU International Professional League and with the special support of Armeec Insurance Company, MAX Sport, Bulgaria Air, M Car Group—a BMW dealer—Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Service, and St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding.

SENSHI 22 will be broadcast live on media partners Boec.BG and Boec.COM, the national television Bulgaria ON AIR, the sports channel MAX Sport, the American online martial arts television TrillerTV, YouTube channel KOD Sport,, the information portal Kyokushin Karate News and Fighto.News.

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