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Fireworks and fierce fights offered the professional fight gala night SENSHI 6

Great fights, lots of energy and tension in the ring – this is the recap of the sixth edition of the professional fighting gala evening SENSHI, which took place last night in the ancient theater of the Black Sea resort of Kamchia in Bulgaria, and was broadcast live worldwide on the American online television FITE and on Champions from 8 countries faced each other in the arena of SENSHI 6, and the electrifying matches and the intriguing battle card did not leave the audience’s attention even for a second.

In the opening match of the gala, the Bulgarian Daniel Getsov did not leave any chances to his opponent – the Kazakh Nurlikhan Sadvokasov, and won according to the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT in the category up to 75 kg. The second match faced Dragomir Petrov from Bulgaria against Omar Magomedov from Russia. The match was played in three rounds according to the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT and category up to 70 kg, and the victory went to the Bulgarian.

The excited audience enjoyed a match between Petar Stoykov from Bulgaria and the Englishman Andrew Turland also known at the Tornado. The two played according to the rules of KWU SENSHI, cat. up to 70 kg., and their match lasted in three rounds. The duel ended in favor of Stoykov, with which he continues to be undefeated at the gala.

On the ring, we saw another fight between fighters from Bulgaria and UK –  Nikolay Yorgov from Bulgaria and the Englishman Harry Hill. This time, however, the match ended in the first round with a victory for Yorgov, who took down his opponent in about a minute. Their fight was played by the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT in the category up to 80 kg.

In the fourth match, Merey Suyunov (Kazakhstan) and the Frenchman Jean-Paul Jaco made their debut at SENSHI 6. The two competed according to the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT in the category up to 85 kg, and Suyunov deservedly won. Another very intriguing match was between Eduard Aleksanyan (Bulgaria) and Nikola Todorovic (Serbia). Their clash took place according to the rules of K-1 in the category up to 80 kg, and the judges awarded the success of the Serb with 2: 1 vote.

In the ninth fight of the night, we saw a match between Sergey Brown from Germany and Daniel Manole (Romania). The master of Kyokushin karate Brown triumphed in the category up to 80 kg according to the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT.

The Bulgarian fighter Bogdan Shumarov and Milos Bayovic from Serbia also had an exceptional and very contested fight. The match was played according to the rules of K-1 style, category up to 75 kg. The Bulgarian fighter who won a vacated WAKO PRO European title at SENSHI 5 once again triumphed by a judge’s decision.

On SENSHI 6 we also saw a rematch. For the second time the captain of the national kickboxing team of Bulgaria and world champion of WAKO PRO in cat. up to 71.8 kg. Atanas Bozhilov faced Alin Cimpan from Romania. The two again offered a lot of spectacle to the fans, and the second clash was again won by Bozhilov. Even the great game and hard bouts between the two of them, they both demonstrated great sportsmanship after the fight was over. The match was played in K-1 style and category up to 75 kg.

The last fight of the night was between the four-time Russian kickboxing champion, two-time winner of the “Battle of Champions” tournament, and winner of the WAKO PRO World Belt in low kick style (cat. 85.1 kg) from SENSHI 5 Andrei Chekhonin and Madalin Mogos from Romania. Their fight was according to the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT in the category up to 85 kg and ended with a knockout. Chekhonin attacked with his legs and conducted multiple attacks on his opponent. With one of his hits Chekhonin stroke Mogos in the leg, he fell to the ground and the meeting ended. The intervention of the medical team was necessary, and the suspicions were about the broken leg of the Romanian. Chekhonin received one of the special prizes – “Knockout of the evening”.

Once again, special guests and commentators of the gala were the legendary kickboxing trio – K-1 champions and professional instructors of the KWU International Professional League Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hust and Peter Arts, as well as the chairman of the league and chairman of the National Martial Arts Association in Bulgaria Shihan Ivo Kamenov (6 dan) and Shihan Alexander Pichkunov (5 dan), who is the Secretary-General of the World Kuokishin Union (KWU). Among the special guests, this time was the Czech fighting star Jan Sokup – European champion, silver medalist of the World Championship, and winner of the prestigious All-Japan tournament, and Sensei Sergey Plekhanov – silver medalist from Absolute Open championship 2003 and multiple times Russian champion. 

Details, photos, and exciting videos from the gala evenings can be found on SENSHI’s Facebook page and Instagram profile.

SENSHI 6 was held thanks to Max Sport, Armeec Insurance JSC, Central Cooperative Bank, M Car Group, and Bulgaria Air.

Media partners of SENSHI 6 are Bulgaria ON AIR,,, FITE TV,,,,,,,

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