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XXII New Year’s tournament Russia Cup 2018 – RESULTS

The 22nd Kyokushin New Year’s tournament

was held on December 22, 2018 in Novosibirsk, Russia

Here are RESULTS in men and women division:

Women -60kg
1. Anna Kuznetsova (Kemerovo region)
2. Berezova Svetlana (Kemerovo region)
3. Beisembaeva Natalia (Moscow)

Women +60kg
1. Elena Zaykovskaya (Chuvashia)
2. Popova Polina (St. Petersburg)
3. Fursova Ekaterina (Altai Territory)

Men -70kg
1. Krymov Arthur (Moscow)
2. Nikulin Stanislav (Kirov region)
3. Seidiyev Muradkhan (Moscow region)

Men -80kg
1. Zeyulya Nikita (Tomsk Region)
2. Belyaev Victor (Tomsk region)
3. Trapeznikov Vadim (Nizhny Novgorod region)

Men -90kg
1. Lavrishchev Maxim (Nizhny Novgorod region)
2. Rafikov Alexander (Kemerovo region)
3. Stanislav Mezhevtsov (Moscow)

Men +90kg
1. Maslennikov Nikolay (Moscow)
2. Bachurin Renat (Altai Territory)
3. Potemkin Vladimir (Krasnoyarsky region)

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