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Wintercamp in Etne, Norway

Welcome to the Kyokushin Wintercamp in Etne – Norway 25-28 January 2018

Open to all styles and organizations.

Etne Kyokushin Karate Club hereby invites you to our annual Winter Camp in Etne – Norway,
This is the place to practice KYOKUSHIN KARATE, its “TIME TO BE UNITED”
Also this year we are privileged to have our good friend and great instructor;
Shihan Javier Lezcano, 5th Dan with us, he is one of the most admired Kyokushin instructors in Europe. Together with Shihan Javier, Sensei Pablo Estensoro, 4th Dan, and Sensei Darren Stringer, 4th Dan, will form one of the best possible instructor teams. We are so proud to have them with us!
Instructor team 2018:
Shihan Javier Lezcano, 5th Dan (Spain)
Shihan Geir Havreberg, 5th Dan
Shihan Tom Sølve Erga, 5th Dan
Sensei Pablo Estensoro, 4th Dan (Spain)
Sensei Darren Stringer, 4th Dan(UK)
Supported by:
Sensei Roy Svendsen, 3rd Dan (National Coach – Kata)
Sensei Geir Rune Tøge, 3rd Dan (President NKKO)
Sensei Odd-Kjetil Liland, 3rd Dan (National Coach – Fight)
National Fighting Team:
The Norwegian National Fighting and Kata Team’s ( +candidates ) will be present and train at the camp. The National Coaches will lead the sessions.

There will be instruction in Basic/Kihon, Kata, Kumite/Fight at many levels, and some training theory and principles which is very important in Kyokushin karate.

OSU !!


Club Director:
Shihan Geir Havreberg 5th.Dan
Mobil: + 47 905 16 319

Camp Organisator:
Senpai Frode S Robberstad 2.Dan
Mobil: +47 913 80 360

Camp Organisator:
Senpai Frode S Robberstad 2.Dan
Mobil: +47 913 80 360

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