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The training period of the Bulgarian national team in Saint Petersburg has ended

Kyokushin Bulgarian national team was staying in the northern capital of Russia During three days

Saint Petersburg is a very beautiful city and you can spend a lot of time admiring it. But the main objective of the fighters of the Bulgarian national team was to have mutual training sessions with Russian fighters.

The first get together of the fighters of the Bulgarian national team and the fighters of the Russian Kyokushin Association (SPb) happened on the mutual training, which took place under the leadership of Dmitry Savelyev. Leading athletes of Saint Petersburg team, many of which are members of the national Russian teams of different RKA federations came to the training. The training was devoted to mastering of sparring techniques in pairs. After the gaming warm up, athletes did some light fights. After that they worked on closing up on the enemy from a big distance as well as effective defence and counter attacks.

The second training session was organised in the Saint Petersburg Mining University. After an intense warm up under the leadership of Dmitry Savelyev, sensei Zakhari Damyanov carried out a master class and showed options of forestalling attacks. Also scripted fights with constantly switching partners were practiced. The final part of the training was carried out by the Honoured Coach of Russia Victor Lyutinskiy, who concentrated on working on defensive actions in a fight.

After the training sessions, athletes of the Bulgarian National team have used their spare time in order to enjoy beauties of the scenery of Saint Petersburg for a bit more.

After the mutual training sessions, the World Champion Dmitry Savelyev has mentioned briefly: “Bulagarian national team is strong enough. There is still a lot of time till the Championship, but Komanov brothers are really in a great shape.”

A fighter of the Russian national team Alexander Drozd participated in the training sessions as well and described his impressions as follows: “What was special is the straight long punches and mawashi to the head level. It was so at least with the fighters I was working with in pairs. At the first training session I got to work with several Bulgarian athletes. On the second training session I was in a pair with Alexander Komanov only, that was his own wish, and the coaches did not mind too. I think he is the strongest one among the arrived athletes, and in the whole Bulgarian national team. Their arrival was a delightful thing, after all there are not many sparring partners, and every fighter is now extremely valuable”.

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