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The 8th Uruguay Summer Camp

The 8th Uruguay Summer Camp

was held in the Military Vacation facilities in Salinas on March 15, 16 & 17.

The Summer Camp was organized by the Uruguayan Kyokushin Kai Association A.K.K.U., and technically led by Sensei Germán Carballo 4th Dan (Uruguay IFK Country Representative).

With over 30 participants, all the dojos from Uruguay were present, including students and instructors from Montevideo, Canelones, Soriano and Salto.

Nine training sessions took place focusing on technique as well as physical conditioning and strengthening in several different locations including the beach (both in the water and sand), the woods, as well as indoor. A special technical training for advanced grades (as from 3rd kyu) was held covering advanced katas.

As usual, the Camp included KYU and KURO OBI (1st dan) gradings, the 20-kumite challenge for Kuro Obis who successfully obtained their 1st dan during 2018, and the addition of the 25-kumite challenge for Ni Dans.

As an organization, A.K.K.U. is proud to present the new grades:

– Clara Monteiro (Red 10th Kyu)
– Victoria Villano (Blue 8th Kyu)
– Agustina Latorre (Blue 8th Kyu)
– Juliana Latorre (Blue 8th Kyu)
– Mauricio Nesteruk (Blue 7°Kyu)
– Fátima Parra (Yellow 6th Kyu)
– Oscar Pricoli (Yellow 6th Kyu)
– Gabriel Fernandez (Yellow 6th Kyu)
– Juan Pablo Bianchi (Green 4th Kyu)
– Guzman Centurión (Green 3rd Kyu)
– César Acosta ( Black 1°Dan)

The kuro obis (1st Dan) who succeeded in the 20 Kumite challenge during the camp were as follows:
– Senpai Alvaro Nuñez
– Senpai Gonzalo Bentancur
– Senpai César Acosta

Kuro Obis (2nd Dan) who succeeded in the 25 Kumite challenge were:
– Senpai Noelia Fabre
– Senpai Santiago Mosco

A.K.K.U. would like to thank the everyone’s effort to be a part of this event.

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