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The 5th IFK Uruguay National Tournament – results

On Sunday, August 11th, 2019,  IFK Uruguay held its 5th IFK Uruguay National Tournament at the Maristas College Gymnasium in Montevideo Uruguay. 
Over more 7 hours, more than 100 participants competed in kata, clicker, and kumite with categories for kids, cadets and adults; novices, experts, and seniors.

Referees and competitors from several IFK Uruguay dojos and states within Uruguay, including Canelones, Salto, Mercedes, Dolores, and Montevideo; competed together with invited national Kyokushin organizations.
Final results of the Tournament: 

Kata White and Red belts (children)
1. Matías Tarragona (IFK Kanku Dojo) 
2. Valentina Cicarello (IFK Giratierra
3. Nahuel Picherno (IFK Estribo Dojo)

Kata Blue belts (children)
1. Erika Gomez (IFK Yantsu Dojo)
2. Martina Nievas (IFK Yantsu Dojo)
3. Bruno Bava (IFK Kanku Dojo)

Kata Yellow belts (children)
1. Santiago Cuenca (IFK Yantsu Dojo)
2. Johann Castro (IFK Yantsu Dojo)
3. Santiago Assis (IFK Giratierra Dojo)

Kata Red belts (adults – over 13)
1. Alvaro Pérez (IFK Estribo Dojo)
2. Diego Alegresa (IFK Estribo Dojo)
3. Nicolás Mosco (IFK Estribo Dojo)

Kata Blue and Yellow belts ( adults – over 13)
1. Mauricio Nesteruk (IFK Estribo Dojo)
2. Agustina Latorre (IFK Estribo Dojo)
3. Martín Machado (IFK Yantsu Dojo)

Kata Green and Brown Belts (adults – over 13)
1. Claudia López (IFK Estribo Dojo)
2. Martín Rucci
 (IFK Estribo Dojo)  
3. Yonathan Perez
(IFK Estribo Dojo)

Kata Kuro Obis
1. Maite De León (IFK Chugi Dojo)
2. Noelia Fabre
 (IFK Estribo Dojo)  
3. Mario Hornos (IFK Yantsu Dojo)

Kumite Clicker (children)

1. Team D (IFK Estribo Dojo)  
Nahuel Picherno, Iara Puentes, Nicolás Vieitez, Lucía Mesa, Victoria Villano

2. Team A (IFK Giratierra Dojo & IFK Yantsu Dojo)
Valentina Dutra, Bruno Bagnasco, Johann Castro, Paula Repecto; Julieta Majstruk

3. Teams C and B (IFK Yantsu & Kanku Dojos)
Bruno Bava, Elias Cabrera, Brandon Bermudez, Benjamin Da Rosa, Marcos Díaz, Santiago Cuenca
Erika Gomez, Rafael Alvarez, Stephano Estevez, Ricardo Cardozo, Matias Tarragona, Martina Nievas.


Children – Kumite against a sand bag – 6 & 7 years old
1. Avril Carballo (IFK Giratierra Dojo)
2. Benjamín Da Rosa (IFK Kanku Dojo)
3. Martina Correa (IFK Giratierra Dojo)

Children – Kumite against a sand bag – 8 & 9 years old 
1. Tatiana Nesteruk (IFK Giratierra Dojo) 
2. Juan Ignacio Bonilla (IFK Giratierra Dojo)
3. Julieta De Marco (IFK Giratierra Dojo)

Kumite Knockdown – 10 & 11 old (male)
1. Santiago Cuenca (IFK Yantsu Dojo)
2. Emiliano Beliz (Kyokukaikan)
3. Lautaro Lemos (IFK Yantsu Dojo)

Kumite Knockdown – 12 & 13 years old (male)
1. Walter Camacho (Kenbukai Senshi Dojo)
2. Enrique Acosta (IFK Yantsu Dojo)
3. Federico Perez (Kyokuyama Sede Monterrey)

Kumite Knockdown – 12 & 13  years old (female)  
1. Soledad de los Santos (Kenbukai Senshi Dojo)
2. Juliana Latorre (IFK Estribo Dojo)
3. Yeimi Acosta (IFK Yantsu Dojo)

Kumite Knockdown – 14 & 15 years old (male)  
1. Fausto Fernandez (KWU Hombu)
2. Julio Reyes (Kyokuyama Sede Monterrey)
3. Guillermo Parra (IFK Estribo Dojo)

Kumite Kncokdown – 16 & 17 years old (male)  
1. Matias Bollo (Kyokuyama Relámpago Dojo)
2. Franco Laurencena (Kenbukai Senshi Dojo)

Kumite Knockdown – novices senior + 40 (male)
1. Oscar Prícoli (IFK Yantsu Dojo) 
2. Mauricio Nesteruk (IFK Estribo Dojo)

Kumite Knockdown – novices adults (female)  
1. Victoria Da Fonseca (Kenbukai Senshi Dojo) 
2. María Goychoechea (Kenbukai Senshi Dojo)
3. Clara Monteiro (IFK Estribo Dojo)

Kumite Knockdown – senior +35 (female)  
1. Noelia Fabre (IFK Estribo Dojo)
2. Claudia López (IFK Estribo Dojo)

Kumite Knockdown – experts adults (female)  
1. Maite De León (IFK Chugi Dojo) 
2. Jennifer Arneas (Kyokukaikan Hombu)

Kumite Knockdown – experts adults – no weight limit (male)  
1. Nicolás Dagys (IFK Estribo Dojo)
2. Santiago Mosco
 (IFK Estribo Dojo)  
3. Gonzalo Bentancur
(IFK Estribo Dojo)

The best technique of the Tournament: Nicolás Dagys (IFK Estribo Dojo)

Tournament Referees Team (Chief Referee, Shushins and Fukushins): Sensei Germán Carballo, Shihan Jarry Gonzalez, Senpai Rocío Gonzalez, Senpai Noelia Fabre, Senpai Santiago Mosco, Senpai Mario Hornos, Senpai Gonzalo Díaz, Senpai Maite De león, Senpai Cesar Acosta, Senpai Javier Gimenez, Senpai José Silva, Matías Laíno, Martín Rucci and Claudia López.

IFK Uruguay would like to thank all the athletes, coaches, family and friends that came and supported the competitors, as well as the team who worked in the tournament who made this event a success.



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