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The 55th KWF International Summer Camp in Papendal

55th International Kyokushin Summer Camp in Papendal – An Unforgettable Experience!

What an amazing weekend it was at the 55th Kyokushin Summer Camp Papendal in the Netherlands! Over 125 Kyokushin karate practitioners from 8 countries, including Israel, France, and Italy, came together for three days of intensive training. We accumulated a total of 20 hours of training spread across these fantastic days.

The weather was perfect, with temperatures around 32 degrees, allowing us to complete our kihon kata and kumite sessions enthusiastically. The sun added an extra boost of motivation, helping us bring out the best in ourselves!

One of the highlights of the summer camp was the sparring sessions. After numerous intense training sessions, we engaged in a staggering 25 sparring matches, ensuring that everyone had at least 125 fights this weekend! What an achievement!

In addition, there were also belt examinations conducted by the association. I am proud to announce that the NKKO celebrated promoting 14 individuals to new Dan grades. Congratulations to all the karateka who demonstrated their dedication and skills, earning them higher ranks!

Mark your calendars: Next year, the 56th summer camp will occur at Papendal from July 12th to 15th. Don’t miss out on this fantastic experience; make sure to save the dates!

A big thank you to all the participants, instructors, and organizers who made this summer camp a resounding success. Together, we created an incredible event and celebrated our passion for Kyokushin karate. Keep training and growing, and see you at the Kyokushin Summer Camp 56 next year! 

Text by shihan Paul Lorist 

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